Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers – Different Posts, Salaries, Ways To Get And All

Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers. While surfing the internet, you must have met with some cool memes, viral videos, different advertisements, and so on. But have you ever thought of making these? If you have, you should go for digital marketing jobs to fulfill your desire.

As a fresher, today it won’t be easy to find a digital marketing job. The reason is that most companies want digital marketing professionals with experience. However, there are plenty of digital marketing jobs for you as an amateur.

India is on the way to revolutionizing its marketing platform with digitalization. Moreover, such marketing is gradually becoming an essential part of the eCommerce business. Therefore, it’s better to look for a digital marketing job as your carrier option to be a long racehorse.

In this article, you’ll know the different posts while choosing digital marketing jobs. What is the salary of such employees? What are the criteria to be a marketer? All you’ll know for this piece of writing. However, you first have to know the reason for choosing a digital marketing job as your carrier choice.

Why should you choose the digital marketing profession?

The world is moving towards digitalization. Therefore, India is not excluded from the trend. The country is trying to build a solid presence on online platforms. Moreover, the students of India are getting more opportunities to shine in their future life.

Research says that digital marketing in India is growing ten times faster than other traditional marketing. So many brands are involved in digital marketing to broaden their products internationally. As a result, digital marketing jobs are flourishing in India.

Since 2016, the digital marketing industry has been flourishing to a market size of more than 200 billion Indian rupees in 2021. Owing to such a rapid growth of digital marketing in India, digital advertising may increase to nearly 360 billion Indian rupees by 2023. It indicates the growing trend in this industry. Therefore, relying upon them as fresher is undoubtedly the right choice.

Moreover, as a fresher, you can get an unimaginable salary from the concerned brands. Have you not any idea of the offering salary from this industry? Let’s take a look.

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What can be your salary as a fresher in this industry?

There are different graphs of salary provided to a fresher by so many reputed digital marketing companies in India. It is based on your skill, knowledge, concerned organization, and the city of work. However, you can’t control some factors. For instance, you can’t develop yourself regarding the company or the working city.

However, your skills and knowledge can lead your salary up within a short period. Reports say that the average salary for a digital marketing beginner is about Rs. 3.0 lacs to 4.0 lacs pa. Your efficiency and dedication can raise the graph.

Seeing the average salary, you need not know that it is nonvolatile. The salary is based on various posts on the digital marketing platform. Let’s have a glance over the different posts the concerned companies offer.

Highest-paying digital marketing jobs

Although it’s not always up to you, you have to know detailed information regarding the posts you’re trying to serve.

Source: ambitionbox
  • UX designer and web developer

As a beginner, it can be your first choice to work in this industry. UX designers primarily look for perfection for end-to-end website development and digital marketing applications. They try to understand the need to develop a website. Therefore, they ought to understand the concerned client’s products and services.

In another way, a web developer also serves the industry a lot. You must learn code and know about appealing to the audience. Therefore, knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, and other web development methodologies is required for this role. The average salary of a web developer can be around 3.5 lacs pa.

  • SEO Specialist

It’s one of the most reliable and lovable marketing jobs for a fresher. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role for a company while making a marketing campaign. If you have strong analytical skills, you must go for this role in the digital marketing industry.

Traffic is the most vital part of any website. Managing traffic can be a challenging part of any web designing company. The main task of an SEO executive is to increase the traffic of a website and make it rank in the search engine.

To make this option your future career, you’ll require some potential regarding some skills. For instance, you need to know the programming of keyword research, SEO copywriting, search engine functions, and their ever-evolving algorithms. Several companies in India offer about 2.7 lacs pa for this post. Therefore it can be your first step toward the digital marketing industry.

  • Social media manager

Becoming a social media manager can be another choice for digital marketing as a beginner. The executives of this post play a vital role in planning and executing the brand’s overall social media strategy. As a social media manager, you must ensure positive engagement. In addition, you must verify the quality of content for social media campaigns.

The social media manager always works with the PR and Marketing team and shares their analysis of the concerted campaign. As a fresher, this can be your best decision to choose a job for this post. The growing demand for social media marketers is making it one of India’s highest-paying digital marketing jobs. The average salary of a social media managing executive is around 3.3 lacs pa in India.

Source: ambitionbox
  • Content manager

Being a content managing executive, you can start your journey in the digital marketing industry. A content manager creates, improves, and maintains a brand’s content across different media platforms. You must know some creative skills and communication skills to flourish in this sector.

Content management job is focused on discipline under digital marketing. You need to follow the deadlines given by your clients to ignore any inconvenience. You can expect sturdy career growth if you like to write and have good business sense.

On-site and off-site analysis should be in knowledge as a content manager. You must create high-quality and informative content for your client to make your brand more popular through the website. You can check the content writing courses to become a successful content manager. However, a company offers around Rs. 5.6 lacs pa for such a post.

Artificial Intelligence experts and analysts

It is one of the hottest trends in the digital marketing world for a fresher. According to some reports, people are largely demanding this post in the last few months in India. Companies need to develop and maintain various applications in digital marketing. Therefore, they need highly skilled professionals in the AI sector.

You have to know about machine learning and data optimization. In addition, you should also have skills in programming. The world is depending more on data day by day. Therefore, a future career in this role may give you prosperity as a digital marketer. An average salary of an AI expert may be 1.2 lacs pa.

How to get digital marketing jobs as a fresher?

There are also other options to make a career in the digital marketing industry in India. You can choose email marketer, paid media expert, or programmatic advertisement manager as your career option. However, you ought to know how to get digital marketing jobs as a fresher.

  • Learn digital marketing skills

It doesn’t matter what role you have chosen in the digital marketing industry. What matters is to learn skills regarding your role like SEO, social media, etc. You have to have the basic knowledge regarding the post what a company always wants from you.

If you want to learn Digital Marketing skill then join the best Digital Marketing course Institute which will teach you the best digital marketing skills.

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  • Understand the role

Understanding the concerned role is very important to become a successful marketer. There are several types of digital marketing jobs for you as a beginner. Therefore, you should always make a research regarding your capacity and knowledge and choose the right option. Though the digital marketing area is interrelated, every sector needs a different set of skills.

  • Update your digital marketing resume

Your resume is the first point of contact. Therefore, you should mention all the eligibilities you have for digital marketing. As a fresher, it’s okay not to mention experience details in such marketing. However, you ought to mention all your skills and knowledge. Moreover, you can mention your certification if any.


In conclusion, hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect digital marketing platform for your career. Try to work on these tips to become a successful digital marketer. After all, if you are looking for a stable and reliable job as a fresher, digital marketing may considerably come first in your mind.

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