About Dgmark Institute

Mumbai’s Premium Dgmark agency styled into Dgmark Institute, get the best learning experience with live training, modern technologies, 360* digital marketing modules and many more features. It’s time to shape your career as a digital marketer.

Digital Chandan's Dgmark Institute

The Dgmark Agency is located in Mumbai, Goregaon and is headed by well known digital marketing professional Digital Chandan, a teacher, blogger, digital marketer and researcher acclaimed in this field. Dgmark institute in Mumbai is an extension of an agency serving happy clients for over a decade. The creation of Dgmark institute is done to shape youth careers in the digital marketing field, which is now on the boom. With the expert’s trainers and skilled team, we strive to give learning and brief detail of every module and course delivered at Dgmark institute. We have focused on building our module hierarchy & teaching pattern so that every professional, business owner, individual, and entrepreneur can suit their needs. The curriculum, of course, is based on the innovations and technologies in digital marketing. Our students are prepared to enter the digital marketing industry from the first day after graduation with a combination of classroom training and on-the-job training. Students can select their core interests and opt-in if the offer turns out to be mutually beneficial to them. Dgmark agency focuses that students get into the habit of working within deadlines, handling urgent requests, and using an agency-like level of efficiency.

What You Will Get?

How We Teach?

At Dgmark institute in Goregaon, Mumbai, we offer the best classroom and online digital marketing training to ensure no aspirant lacks knowledge due to lack of money. We also ensure we provide the most comprehensive online digital marketing training.

1. Learn Digital Marketing Skill

With the Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai from DG Mark, you'll learn digital marketing theory and how to apply it effectively through the 30 modules of this Digital Marketing Course.

3. Build Portfolio & Resume

Every job aspirant main recipe to apply for an interview or in the company, DG Mark institute in Mumbai, make the students future-ready in the digital marketing industry by building up their portfolio & resume. Practice on live projects builds their strong portfolio before one graduates.

2. Practice On Live Projects

Practice on live projects at DG Mark institute in Mumbai add a feather to your dreams and is our main USP that aspirants would be able to get their websites, domain names, and budget for set campaigns for practising while learning.

DTI Mission

We want to provide the most comprehensive collection of digital marketing materials and research possibilities for the worldwide digital sector.

DTI Vision

To teach a digital culture and develop more skilled resources in digital marketing, analytics, design, and research. And shape the youth’s career in digital marketing with a strong presence in the online world.